Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What does a Stay at Home Mom do?

My friends know how I came to be a future step-mom but long story short, I've been dating my boyfriend since a week after his son was born, and I've been the only constant female and/or mother figure in the baby's life.  His birth mother walked out on him when he was 4 months old.  The former roommates moved out about 2 months ago and we filed with the police about harassment.  (The former roommate's mother also made a false report to CPS on my boyfriend back in May.)

So now I am a "stay at home mom" until college starts up in a few weeks.  Since the end of May I've been in this role.  What has gone on in that time?  Well my "stepson" has gone from not being able to form words to calling me his "mama" calling his father "daddy" or "dada" saying the word "bye" and when we moved my cat in with us yelling "Kitty!" every time he sees the cat.  He has also gone from a bottle, to sippy cup, to cups with straws.  He has also gone from crawling to walking and will be wearing his first pair of shoes soon as he walks with me holding my finger, or walks on his own.

What do stay at home moms do anyhow?  Well I play with my step son which has led to his walking and talking.  I clean house too and I cook.  Is that all a stay at home mom does?  Nope not at all.  I also started a jewelry business a while back, and I craft.  What sort of things do you craft other than jewelry?  I made a fantasy creature mobile yesterday for my stepson's room.

This would be the dragon-esque creature in the center of the mobile.  He may be almost 17 months old but sharing your room with your dad till you are 1 year old, and having a birth mother who barely bought you anything when you were tiny  you miss out on things like a mobile, so I thought he should have one.  This mobile was made with cardboard, construction paper, glass beads, and coat/carpet thread.

"So what's your next project Future Stepmom?"  Well the next project is almost completed.  I've been working on a castle picture to add to his room which lacks color except a blue and yellow bed and his fantasy creature mobile.  I took a piece of cardboard and sketched a castle then I painted the background black.  I colored the castle and grass of the image using prisma color markers.  Now I just have to buy some glow in the dark star stickers when my boyfriend gets paid and the picture will be done.

"After that?" I'm planning on digging through my boyfriend's old t-shirts he never wears and constructing new clothes for me since I tossed out a lot of things when I moved.... I may even make some new clothes for the baby out of his old baby blankets, just not all the baby blankets since we hope to have a baby of our own in the distant future lol.

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