Tuesday, August 9, 2011

99 cent Treasures

I was out of the house with my stepson today all day.  One of our stops on this day of random window shopping was the Hastings bookstore where I made a purchase.  I found two books for 99 cents each.  One for my boyfriend, "The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolasus Copernicus" and for me I got, "No Place Like Home: Staying In, Kicking Back, and Living It Up."

I just love this book!  Its all about "nesting," something the author Michelle Kehm calls a "lost art."  I have to agree with that statement.  I also agree that its coming back and is "very today."  This book is all about what I have set out to do in my new life as a step mom and a live-in girlfriend, crafting for the home and running it as a woman ought to.  If you are a woman who loves working day in and day out that's alright we're allowed to we fought long an hard to be seen as equals to men (who were the ones who viewed us as being lower than them.)  As for me I love being a stay at home mom, if I didn't have school to finish my stepson wouldn't be going to daycare, but since i have a huge debt that needs to be paid back I might as well finish and get that degree right?  My ideal and hopefully future job will allow me to still have time at home and be "Suzie Home-maker."

I love the idea of painting my walls but we live in an apartment currently (looking into buying a foreclosed home when the lease is up here) so we can't paint the walls we just don't have the money to paint and then repaint when we move so what's a gal to do?  Well... I have some cardboard, paints, fabric, construction paper, and a crafty heart.  My plan is to make a piece of art (using the cardboard as cheap canvas) of how i want the walls to look like in my home, once we have a home to call our own that is.  The art work will allow me to visualize what colors will go together and how it will look full scale without causing us to go bankrupt, and for now it will add the desperately needed color this place needs to liven it up.

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