Friday, August 5, 2011

for once, THANK YOU IRS!

Last month i got a refund for no reason at all no notice or letter included just a check well after 3 hours of phone calls and stupid elevator hold music I found out that i was eligible for the Making Work Pay credit and thats why I have the check! We can pay for Adam's vet bill!!!!!
but because finances are still tight for us with the baby and day care and all I'll keep the free gift for every purchase runing for the next six months on my jewelry :D
  Also and update on Adam.  I will be picking him up in 45 minutes from the vet.  Poor kitty hated the catheter so much he pulled it out on his own!  However that was enough to start breaking the blockage free although he hasn't used the litter box he had a steady trickle of urination coming out.  I'll find out what the blood work shows when I pick him up.  I am a little worried that because he pulled the catheter out and there's only a trickle of pee he may get blocked again and very quickly.  The vet and I think it was all due to a change in his diet so I'll be picking up his old kitty food after I bring him home.

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