Thursday, August 4, 2011

Need help with a Vet Bill

Day before yesterday my 5 year old tabby cat Adam was running all over the apartment being a happy normal cat playing with a tiny stuffed bear as though it was a mouse.  (Thankfully he does not view my actual mouse as a toy.)

Yesterday was a much different story though.  I woke up with the baby and my boyfriend.  I made the baby breakfast and my cat was asleep on the floor, not anything out of the normal, what was out of the normal for him was that he was howling.  I caught him squatting trying to urinate on the carpet.  I moved him to his litter box, he already knows where it is so it was pretty unusual.  He squatted again and nothing came out he stayed in his litter box squatting for 5 minutes before he gave up.  My previous cat had this same issue so I picked Adam up to see if his lower belly area was tight.  I barely touched his belly when he started howling, I moved my hand and he stopped, when I touched his belly again he returned to howling.  For the rest of the day he his litter box.  I tried to put him in his bed which is the top of his climbing post and he refused to be up high.  Yesterday evening he vomited and then again before bed.  His usual sleeping spot is the top of the suit case we have next to our bed, instead he slept in his litter box.  I woke up this morning and he was still sleeping in his litter box.  When my boyfriend put his son at the table for breakfast, Adam howled from the bathroom again.  I called the vet who had me rush Adam in right then and there.

We just got back from the vet's office (Adam's appointment was at 8:30 and we got home at 10:00)  Adam does have a blockage keeping him from urinating and is in a  lot of pain.  The vet gave us the price estimate for a catheter and blood work...$600.  The vet clinic requires us to pay half of it up front.  Well things are really tight right now money wise and so I took out what I could from my bank account which was only $80.  My boyfriend is getting paid tomorrow and at noon time I have to go back to the vet clinic with another $220 to bring us up to the half way point.  We then have 6 months to pay off the other $300.  There is a chance that poor Adam may have to have surgery too, if that's the case we have to pay even more money and the surgery costs will have to be paid half up front.  With my stepson starting daycare next week, and that costing us more than what we are paying for rent we wont be able to afford the vet bill.

So in order to help pay for Adam's vet bill and everything he's getting done tonight I need your help.  I have only sold once piece of jewelry since the spring semester ended.  Please buy some jewelry from my site Jewelry-by-Zili don't forget I can do some custom orders as well just send me an email from the site (under the contact me link)  I'll include a free gift with every purchase for the next 6 months.  Please help me and Adam out.

Update: I got a call from the vet clinic they already checked his kidney functions and his kidneys are perfect!  After the call they were going to insert the catheter and run more blood work.  Also I already recieved a jewelry order from a fellow jewelry artist and kitty lover.  One of her two babies was sick not all that long ago as well.  Her order put me in tears (happy tears) knowing that my friends are looking out for me and Adam.

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