Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Never Ending Battle

Of good vs. evil.................. well sort of.

We've been dealing with my stepson's birth mother for a couple of weeks now demanding to see her son.  We would have no problem allowing her this, however she has certain rules and channels she needs to follow including giving us a week's notice before the meet up, she's not supposed to be rude or snarky about it either.  Then we set up the appoint for the chosen day and we meet at a family therapy or pregnancy out reach building (that the meet ups have always been held at.)

She called back on mother's day wanting to see her son since it was mother's day, but it was a Sunday, even if she had given us a few days notice we still can't due meet ups on the weekends, why? Simple the meet up place is closed on the weekends.  She texted my boyfriend this past monday wanting to see the baby this week.  Tuesday was too soon and we wouldn't be able to schedule on short notice, wednesday and thursdays my boyfriend works late, and yesterday the baby had an appointment for some physical therapy.  She also called my boyfriend a jerk and blamed us for her not seeing the baby in 7 months (other than the demand to see the baby on mother's day she only called to find out how he was doing the day after his 15th month checkup....which thanks to medicaid didn't happen.  This phone call was cut short because he was on a previous phone call where a former friend was harassing him and threatening to call CPS on him over and over and demanding to know where the baby was when it was none of her concern.  My boyfriend asked his ex to call him back in 15 minutes so he could end his previous call but she never called back, the next time we heard from her was this past monday (almost a whole 2 months went by.

This never ending battle may have finally come to an end.  As my boyfriend and I were snuggled under the blankets falling asleep last night, he got a text from his ex.  She's moved, she left town and now as long as she stays gone we wont have to put up with her anymore.  There may still be a rude comment or a curse word thrown at us once in a while on facebook, but at least now the threat of her coming to steal the baby away is gone.

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