Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Clothes

Scratch my project ideas on making new clothes from old.  I have a storage box full of fabric that was given to me by my mother's friend when we helped cleaned out her craft closet.  I have a circle skort I've been working on.  A simple circle skirt with 3 different fabrics and some old cut off jeans sewn to the inside to keep me from chaffing too bad at the Renaissance festivals.  I'm adding some lace I bought from a friend, removing the shorts to make it a draw string skirt --so I can wear it over a simple green draw string skirt my mother passed down to me from her reenactment days.

When I moved in with my boyfriend I had gotten rid of most of my t-shirts trying to make my wardrobe more feminine, that left me with a few work blouses and winter clothes.  Everyone knows that we only have 1 month of true winter weather in Texas so I need to replace a few things.  I am going to sew a few tank shirts and 3/4 sleeve tunics using tutorials I've found on the Craftster forums.  If i can find some guy-ish fabric instead of my floral prints I'll be making the stepson some new clothes too possibly.  I see lots of sewing in my future!

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