Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boo-Boo Bunny

So I am yet again cutting up an old baby blanket.  This time I'm making new washcloths.  We can only find 3 of my stepson's wash cloths, the last clean one of which was used to day to treat his first real boo-boo, he's had a tiny scrap on his knee before, but today was a head wound.  He was refusing to go to sleep so his daddy was in the room with him, he climbed out of bed and sat  behind the door.  When he refuses nap time he loves to slam his head back against the wall (he's always loved hitting his head he used to hit his forehead with his fist or bang his head on the corner of his crib.)  My stepson didn't realize that hitting his head on the door hinge would be a bad idea.  He cut his head open and like all head wounds that happens to be more than a bump, he bled, and in the style of all bleeding head wounds, it bled for a bit.

Here comes mommy to the rescue!  I had daddy sit with him in the chair we have in his room, I got our last clean washcloth, got it cold and wet, cleaned him up, then went back and got an ice cube and put it in the cloth and held it to his head for a little bit to help keep an swelling in the area down.  Then I checked him out and the bleeding stopped.

All of this reminded me of when I was little.  My mom used to take a washcloth and roll it and tie with a rubber band so it looked like a bunny and she called them "boo-boo bunnies"  so I figure I can make a couple to have on hand since our little one just got his first pair of shoes and now has to learn to walk with shoes that's a sight to see, if you hold him up he runs, if you don't hold him up (by holding onto his hand) he falls back on his butt refusing to get up... frustrating yes, but cute too.

I will not be adding faces to ours lol.

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