Thursday, August 11, 2011

Job Hunting

My stepson started daycare yesterday.  While he was there I spent hours cleaning and organizing the master bath and started decorating it.  In between bleachings I was job hunting.  All of today I have been job hunting.  My eyes are so dry and red and I have almost nothing to show for it.

The hunter has become the hunted it seems.  I just know fate is hiding around that corner I just passed, I saw fate duck back there, she's waiting to kick me while I'm down.  CHMS will most likely only cover about half of the baby's daycare the other half will eat up any grocery money we have for the month and that just wont do.  So far the only luck I have had is a possible job interview to work at a cat rescue and adoption center.  However the fact that I'm overweight may keep me from this job if they even decide to interview me in person because its a labor intensive job.  (I worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival and at Sherwood Forest Faire...if those jobs aren't labor intensive I don't know what is, even my previous job at walmart wasn't as bad as faire on the physical demands.)  The other possibility is selling my jewelry at a consignment shop.  I saw an ad online wanting a jewelry designer and one with knowledge of steampunk (I just had to jump at the chance.)  The pay is anywhere from $4-$8 hours based on the experience of the jewelry designer (I have 13+ years so far.)  I'm hoping to make at least $7 an hour, its just below minimum wage, I think my years as a jewelry designer/maker would gain me at least that.  I'm meeting the possible employer tomorrow morning for coffee and to show off my current stock of jewelry in person.

My living room floor is covered in jewelry, construction paper (to make dividers in my jewelry box which is nothing but a plastic shoe box, and a marker to label.  I also got smart and I am writing down everything I am taking with me and how much I'm selling each item for.  In each little bag I also have a slip of paper describing the item and it's price (matching up to the list I'm taking with me.)  I just need to remember to take pictures of those that aren't listed yet so if they sell tomorrow I can at least display them under my archives tab on the shop site.  Anyhow lots and lots of things to do to prepare for tomorrow!

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