Thursday, December 8, 2011

Arguements, Money, and Cleaning

I'm throwing in the towl, I'm not leaving him, but I'm done with his childish games.  We had another fight and he keeps telling me he wants me around but he never acts like he does.  So I talked about why I was upset with him and then we are going on day 3 or 4 now of him thinking about it and trying to find the right words.... he always says he needs to find the right words and then he forgets about it ignores what went on and we go on our merry little way... I'm tired of him not working things out but just leaving it up to gods to fix.  So from no on there will be no communication whatsoever.

I'm also taking back control of the money.  My boyfriend has no idea how to plan for the bills and make a budget and ends up over spending here and there leaving us with less money for groceries or lights.  I can't afford to pay the light bill next semester the money I have from my loans is going to gas so I can make the hour drive there and hour drive back. (To and from my apartment to the college I attend takes half a tank of gas.) Its also my final semester I can't afford to fail a class so I'm going to have to find a way to push my online business so I can make some extra money to put little dragon in part time daycare or find a babysitter who is free at the times I have class I have to have a full schedule and I'm not going to push a class or two to the spring just so we wont have to pay for daycare, that can't happen. I'm going to be job hunting again real soon.  I don't know if I'll get a work from home job or if I'll get a night job.  Having a night job will be rough.

On a much happier note I did something strange today.  I woke up and intended on making sugar cookies, no surprise there, the shocking part is that while they were in the oven baking I automatically started cleaning! I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it and then scrubbed my counters!  The really strange part... I enjoyed doing it!  I want to keep cleaning right now but I have two finals to finish for school.

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