Monday, October 10, 2011

The family that plays together stays together!

This weekend was the opening of the Texas Renaissance Festival where me and my boyfriend work with a whole lot of our friends that are considered extended family so this year now that our little dragon is a year and a half old we took him with us... he loves camping!  He's also figured out he loves to climb into bed with mommy and daddy because people around the tent stay up too late having fun sometimes.  Its the rowdy crew of Kettle Corn and Davinci's Dots (dippin dots) that happens to be our extended family and the people staying up so late.  But little dragon climbed into bed between mommy and daddy (now I know how my parents feel when I'd climb into bed and push them out lol.)

Now we all went out to faire while we were sick too I may possibly have mono and have passed it to my boyfriend, and little dragon had his first ear infection.  On saturday it was so hot, so heat, ear infection, and apparently bumpy rides in the wagon caused him to vomit 4 times...all over my garb! (and his too)  It wasn't until after the 4th time my boss suggested it may be motion sickness because he wasn't used to the dirt path or cobblestone paths he was ok being pushed in the stroller or pulled in the wagon as long as it was on grass which happens to be the smoothest of terrain out of the three.  Once I took him out and had him walk for a bit he looked at me and demanded I pick him up.  He didn't want to walk at all but he didn't want to go back into the stroller either so I carried him on my hip for 2 hours around the faire grounds before returning to my shop and letting my boss know the issue seemed to be fixed.

Sunday it rained all day most of the rennies hate it but we understand that the drought is so bad we needed the rain so hardly any one complained about it.  (For those of you who don't know we had wild fires recently all over Texas and several of them surrounded the faire grounds yet the faire was not touched, thankfully.  more fires have started up around another faire me and the family work at so please seed protective and healing thoughts to Sherwood Forest Faire.)  The constant heavy down poor helped to keep the little one all cooled off.  And if I had to put him in the stroller we moved very slowly I would actually place one foot in front of the other in a straight line to keep the pace slow.

My job is to pass flyers out at the front gate for an hour after the cannon has gone off, so we got soaked really really soaked at the front so I let one of my co-workers at the massage therapy shop hold on to him and keep him warm while I ran from store to store trying to find anyone selling blankets and no one was so I went to a cloak shop where I bought him a long sleeve pirate shirt, and we both got cloaks.  His is a child's extra small and it still drags the ground even though he's tall for his age.  My new cloak is bright red velvet with embroidery on the edges.  At Sherwood in the spring I earned the name "four tails" because I wear 4 tails with my costume or "garb" as we call I've earned a new name that is catching on really quickly... "little red ridding hood."  The baby got a lot of laughs from my coworkers when I got back to the shop with our cloaks and wrapped him up in his he fell asleep in my arms so I laid him down on an empty massage table (lucky kid lol premade bed!) and we all giggled over the fact that he looked like a miniature Dracula.  Btw the princess of the Transylvanian court "great great granddaughter" or something like that of Vlad the impaler (you have to love our different actors and actresses out there with all their characters) love love love him.  Everyone loves him but since they must stay in character as the princess is flirting with him, she tells her mother (the queen) that she wants another child, this time one with 3 legs... it was absolute fun, and Little Dragon loves her, he flirts the most with that princess lol.

Little dragon's daddy is also being a very sneaky man, very sneaky or so he thinks...I think?  He has a surprise in store and didn't want to purchase the corset I fell in love with because he wasn't sure how much this surprise is going to cost.  So I purchased my beloved corset of which we find out later the top is too big on me ugh.  It fit fine in the store oh well I still love and I will figure a way to make it fit.  My boyfriend then left me at the car for a while with the baby trying to let the baby sleep (our tent flooded because one of the windows wasn't zipped up all the way) and before he left he grabbed his best friend to get his opinion on the final product of this surprise.  I'm guessing because he hasn't purchased it yet whatever he is getting me he is getting it custom made... however what doesn't fit is my boyfriend doesn't ask for anyone's opinion on anything so why drag his best friend along?

Oh and I got my friend who came with us a job at the faire!  Yay so I was waiting on her to escort her back to camp last night when she accidentally pulled the wrong dress down from the wall trying to help her shop close up and I started crying at how beautiful it was,  They are going to track down the corset that goes with that dress so I can try the whole thing on together and they know how much I love the dress already so they are putting it off to the side for me for now so I can try it on later and see if I want to purchase it....its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

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