Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Band-aids and Castles

For now there's a band-aid on the "boo-boo" of my relationship.  We decided we needed to take a step back but so far we actually haven't taken a step back I don't know how to and I'm sure he doesn't know how either.  But we haven't split up we are right where we were already only we're not paying attention to the fact that this fight happened and are ignoring it.  I never really saw my parents work out their arguements I'm sure they did some how but as a kid I didn't see it and things were back to normal the next day.  Maybe issues were ignored who knows?  Maybe this way works for us, again who knows?

Apparently I am continuing my job at Penny's Magic Garden and keeping the job as Kettle Corn hawker manager... so I now hold two jobs at the renaissance faire.  Listening to a friend the other night tell us about the contracts and then the cost of purchasing a booth at the faires I'm not sure if we'll ever have the money to have our own shop.  :( not with the debt we're already in.

So what's a gal to do when we have no money but her hands want to be busy working on something? (My online classes have the quizzes blocked until tomorrow so I can't do homework, house work is so boring and my dishes are soaking currently, and my camera is missing still so I can't load pictures on to my online shop which hasn't sold anything since I re-opened...looking at moving to etsy.)  Well this gal decides to make her childhood dream come true as a test run for a toy for little dragon.  I always wanted a doll house and not a Barbie dollhouse but a real classic doll house.  I don't have any wood and can't afford a $300 kit to build my own so I'm left without an option... or so one would think.  I'm using two (maybe 3) old diaper boxes to build myself a doll house.  And if I'm any good at making minatures for my own dollhouse I'll spend around $20 to get a prebuilt castle dollhouse from Michaels.  (They don't have any regular dollhouses so no I still can't buy one for myself.) I figure in just a little while little dragon will be ready to play with slightly smaller toys (a friend of mine has a two year old that plays with a dollhouse already) so I can make him some knights, a king, and a few fantasy creatres (yes of course there will be a dragon!)  I'm supposed to spoil myself when boyfriend and I have a little extra cash because we never spoil ourselves he's going to buy skyrim and instead of spoiling myself I'm going to get that castle for the baby and spoil myself by spending time painting it and getting it ready for him.

I do however need to go and get fabrics for my hawkers, our boss accidently locked their hawker pouches up in his trailer last saturday so they had to borrow from our neighbor who makes and sells fairy wings.  I decided that this can't happen again and I hoped to have the pouches ready this weekend but I don't see that happening :(

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